Size-wise the Pink Palace is one of the larger plastic modular Rotastak cages (check our comparison table to see how it stacks up against other hamster cages) and reviews are on the whole favourable so it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a plastic modular style hamster cage.

Although it’s a little fiddly to put together once assembled the construction is sturdy.

Being modular and plastic it’s pretty quick and easy to keep clean.

One drawback is the fixed exercise wheel which is perhaps a little on the small side for an adult Syrian hamster. Adult Syrians generally need an 8 inch wheel which will allow them to exercise without arching their backs as this can cause pain and damage to their spines.

If you’re buying for a little one who loves pink, and you need a Dwarf hamster cage rather than a Syrian hamster cage then you could definitely be onto a winner.

What is the Rotastak Pink Palace

The Rotastak Pink Palace hamster cage is similar to the other plastic modular Rotastak hamster cages such as the Rotastak Creepy Castle and the Space Command Hamster Cage and aims to provide an environment that is similar to that which your hamster would experience in its natural habitat.

To help achieve this the Rotastak Pink Palace comes with extra rooms with a tunnel between them and the main living area.

The Rotastak Pink Palace comes with the following parts:

  • Grand Ballroom — this is the main living area (also known as a Rotastak main housing unit)
  • Crystal Tower — this is the smaller room that sits on top of the Grand Ballroom
  • Fairy Carousel — this is the built-in exercise wheel
  • Secret Tunnels — the tunnels that connect the Grand Ballroom to the Crystal Tower

Oh, and by the way, it’s all pink!

Pink Palace Extensions

Additionally, you can easily expand your Pink Palace by connecting extra bits and pieces using items from the Rotastak compatible range of tubes, tunnels, extension units and accessories to give your hamster a larger and more customised hamster cage.

How big is it

The Pink Palace is larger than some of the other plastic modular cages in the Rotastak range although when compared to the wire mesh cage types it loses out fairly significantly and in all honesty your hamster will much prefer as large a cage as possible and the general rule is the bigger the better. You can see how the size of the Pink Palace compares to other cages using our table of hamster cages by size.

The approximate assembled cage dimensions of the Pink Palace are Height: 53 cm, Depth: 48 cm and Width: 58 cm which gives an area of 2,784 cm2. Bear in mind though that that area will change if using the Dwarf hamster layout.

Is it fiddly to build

One of the few complaints about the Rotastak Pink Palace is that it’s difficult to put together because the parts are so fiddly and also that they’re a little bit brittle. On the whole people that have bought this cage have left very positive reviews and ratings. You can read reviews and check out ratings via our website here.

If you’d like to check out the assembly instructions you can view an instruction leaflet at the manufacturers website.

Alternate layout for Dwarf hamsters

The assembled Pink Palace is usually pictured in the layout best suited to Syrian hamsters however if you have Dwarf hamsters this layout may not be the best choice. The problem with this layout is that the tunnel is difficult for smaller hamsters to move through.

If you’re looking for a Dwarf hamster cage the Rotastak Pink Palace can be assembled in an alternate layout that puts the tunnel in a more horizontal than vertical position which solves the Secret Tunnel problem.

You can see a picture of the alternative layout (for dwarf hamsters rather than Syrian hamsters) on the manufacturers’ website. Go to the Rotastak website and click the link on the bottom right called “Alternative Cage Construction”.

Baby hamsters

If you’re thinking of breeding your hamsters then please note that the Rotastak Pink Palace is NOT suitable for baby hamsters and should not be used as a breeding unit.

Rotastak Pink Palace review comments

Some of the reviewers made the following comments:

  • Yes it's “a bit fiddly” to put the tubes together, but once they're together, you never have to take them apart ever again,…
  • Initially, it took a while to set up but after an hours hard graft It went together lovely. The tubes fit together nicely and feel very secure. The bottom section is massive giving Daisy plenty of room to move around and play with her toys. It's very easy to clean and you don't even need to disassemble the tubes, I simply run the shower water down then to give 'em a good rinse.
  • I have just purchased a Rotastak Pink Palace. The wheel is situated right over the hole, rather than away from the hole as illustrated on the instruction.. The tube assembly is not secure where they attach to the cage. The straight tubes don't attach securely to the curved ones and tubes come apart. The images on the photocopied instructions are so poor that they are unusable. Because the Hamster is here and has to be housed, we are forced to keep the cage. However, if we were not in this position, we would certainly send it back.
  • it only took me 30 mins to put it , the tubes were a pain to do but it didnt take long at all…
  • Once you've assembled it properly it is sturdy. Perfect for a little princess, which 5 year old little girl wouldn't love it! It's PINK!
  • Very good and accurate to the description with fast delivery. However some of the parts were grey instead of pink as they are shown in the picture, main issue is that dwarf hamster cannot go up tubes as is too small! Solution was to place the cages on one level and stretch the connecting tube along the floor - hamster loves it!
  • Model: Pink Palace
  • Brand: Rotastak
  • For Hamster Breed:
    Dwarf: Syrian:
  • Type: Plastic modular
  • Platforms: 0
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 53 cm,
    Depth: 48 cm,
    Width: 58 cm
  • Floor area: 2,784 cm2

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