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You’ve taken the decision to get a dwarf hamster so now you need to pick one of the many dwarf hamster cages available on the market.

If you already know what kind of dwarf hamster cage you're after and are just looking for the best prices then this list of best prices for dwarf hamster cages may help. The list has the most popular dwarf hamster cages along with the best price (that we've seen) and links to further details which will tell you who is actually selling the dwarf hamster cage at that price.

There are many different cages available but you'll find the most popular cages for dwarf hamsters cropping up on different websites from different sellers and at different prices but we've found the best prices for you to save you time and effort.

Please note that the best prices for each of the dwarf hamster cages below includes the cost of delivery so you can see what the total cost will be.

Modular hamster cages

One of the most popular types of cage, suitable for dwarf hamsters, is the plastic modular type.

Plastic modular cages tend to have smaller main sections but which usually have lots of tubes and tunnels leading to other areas that your hamster will use to play, explore and nest.

The amount of money you’re willing to spend on the cage will dictate the size and quality of the cage that you buy.

At the cheaper end of the scale you'll find cages with smaller living spaces that maybe just have a single tunnel that loops back from one end of the cage to the other. Not very exciting for your new hamster.

As the cage price goes up so does the amount of space for the hamster, the “extras” and the general build quality of the cage.

At the upper end of the range you'll be giving your hamster a much better environment with greater stimulation: multiple interlinking tunnels that you can connect to sleeping pods, dens, food stations, exercise areas and places where she can burrow.

Providing as wide a range as possible of the extras mentioned above will help you ensure there's enough in your hamster's life to encourage her to follow her natural hamster instincts and so keep her as fit and healthy as possible.

Wire hamster cages

You also have the option of a plastic base with wire mesh cage. Just make sure that if you go for one of these sorts of dwarf hamster cages the bars are not too wide apart. Anything more than a 1 cm gap will allow a dwarf hamster to escape. The Barney Pet Cage is an example of this type of cage and has received a 5 out of 5 star rating from buyers that have bought it from Zooplus.

Glass hamster cages

If you’ve got the environment on your mind as well as plenty of space for your hamster you could opt for a setup such as the Living World Green Eco Habitat . This cage is a plastic terrarium type and is made from recycled rubber wood.

Read more about glass hamster cages / terrariums.

Dwarf hamster cage safety

Whatever cage you get it’s vitally important that you make sure your hamster is safe. Fortunately that’s really easy to do.

  • Ensure that all doors are shut securely. If you have a terrarium make sure it has a wire mesh lid that can be securely fastened.
  • Make sure there are no metal rungs inside the cage e.g. an exercise wheel. This is because dwarf hamsters are (obviously) tiny and can easily get their limbs trapped in the metal rungs which can result in broken bones.
  • As time goes by, check for loose bits of plastic that have been gnawed away from the main body of the cage. Swallowing bits of plastic is as bad for your hamster as it is for you.
  • Make sure the cage is not in direct sunlight.
  • Don't put a hamster cage in a draughty area. However you must make sure it's situated in a place with good airflow. Airflow is important in order to keep the cage well ventilated with fresh air. One of the drawbacks with the plastic modular types of cage is that due to the enclosed spaces within tunnels and pods etc the air may not always be as fresh as it should be.

Ease of cleaning should be an important consideration. Be aware that the modular types can be really fiddly when taking apart to clean. A full clean should be carried out at least weekly.

Dwarf hamster cage entertainment

You should provide good stimulation for your dwarf hamster. Hamster toys are a great choice to give to your hamster. Wooden items such as chew blocks are ideal. A hamsters teeth grow continually throughout its life and chewing on wooden bits and bobs will help your hamster keep her teeth at a safe length.

Hamsters are natural burrowers and providing an area where the substrate is deep enough to burrow will be much appreciated by your pet.

If your cage is big enough then small ladders and other items that can be climbed upon will help to stimulate and exercise her – be careful though that there are no significant drops that might cause an injury.

Final thoughts…

Hopefully this page has given you an idea about what and where to look for when searching for types of dwarf hamster cages along with the things to look out for.

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