Are glass hamster cages for sale in as many places as other types?

No, you'll find a much smaller range of glass hamster cages for sale compared to other hamster cage types.

Do glass hamster cages cost more than other types of hamster cage?

Yes, you should expect to pay quite a bit more. For a glass hamster cage at the cheaper end of the market prices start at around £70. At this price range you'll get a standard glass aquarium style tank with a lid.

The more expensive models start in the region of £80 and go up to £150 plus. These models often combine a glass hamster cage on the bottom with a wire hamster cage on top and can be much larger than plastic or wire hamster cages.

What are some popular glass hamster cages?

You can see some of the more popular glass hamster cages in the list below. These glass cages are all for sale online in the UK.

The list also contains a range of cages (Living World Green Eco Habitat) that look like glass but are actually plexi-glass so are much lighter (also more expensive).

This glass hamster cage is the larger of the two glass tank style terrariums in the Falco Small Pet Cage range from Skyline.

With dimensions of height 75 cm, depth 50 cm and width 100 cm it gives a whopping floor space of 5,000 cm2

These hybrid cages combine a glass hamster cage on the bottom with a wire hamster cage on the top. This makes it an ideal choice if you have a Syrian hamster that likes to climb, or a dwarf hamster that likes to burrow.

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Although this version of the Falco Small Pet Cage range from Skyline is the smaller of the two it still provides a very useful floor space of 3,375 cm2 placing it in the mid-sized cage range.

Its dimensions measure 62 cm x 45 cm x 75 cm (h x d x w).

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The largest glass hamster cage in the Karat range weighs in with a floor space of 4,925 cm2 which it gets from a height, depth and width of 62 cm, 50 cm and 99 cm respectively.

With a good balance between price and size making it a bit cheaper than some of the other top end glass cages it's easy to see why the Karat 100 is such a sought after cage amongst serious hamster enthusiasts.

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The Karat 60 Hamster & Mouse Glass cage is the smallest offering in the 3 cage range of Ferplast Karat glass hamster cages.

The Karat hamster cages combine glass terrariums with wire hamster cages for the best of both worlds.

With cage dimensions of height 53 cm, depth 39 cm and width 60 cm it provides a floor area of 2,321 cm2.

If that sounds a little small for your hamster you'll find the other 2 Karat cages may be more to your liking.

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The Karat 80 is the mid-sized cage in the Ferplast Karat range of glass hamster cages.

With the same features as the other 2 cages in the range the Karat 80 has a floor area of 3,572 cm2. It has a height of 53 cm, a depth of 46 cm and a width of 79 cm.

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The largest in the 3 cage range of Living World Green Eco Habitat hamster cages is also the biggest hamster cage you'll find on Hamster Cages HQ.

If you're looking for a large hamster cage you won't find many bigger than the 5,635 cm2 of floor space in this cage. The cage dimensions are 75 cm, 115 cm, 49 cm (height, depth & width).

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The medium-sized version of the Living World Eco Habitat range has dimensions of 49 cm, 55 cm, 95 cm (height, depth & width) giving a very nice and spacious floor area of 5,225 cm2

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The Living World Green Eco Habitat comes in three sizes. This glass hamster cage, the smallest of the three, has dimensions of 44 cm, 75 cm and 55 cm (height, depth & width) providing your hamster with 4,125 cm2 floor space to play in.

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Small Pet Terrarium Kerry is perhaps the most popular glass hamster cage on Hamster Cages HQ.

The Small Pet Terrarium is from the Skyline range of cages. It's one of the cheaper all glass hamster cages on the market and size-wise competes pretty well with some of the dearer glass hamster cages.

Small Pet Terrarium Kerry is suitable as a dwarf hamster cage and a Syrian hamster cage.

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More general info about glass hamster cages

If you're not quite sure if a glass hamster cage is for you check out the pros and cons and get some pointers on buying a glass hamster cage.

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